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Junk Removal Blaine, MN , For over a decade, has been the go-to choice for dependable and affordable junk removal in Blaine, MN. Whether you’re dealing with post-remodeling debris, unwanted items cluttering your space, or simply need to clear out some space, our experienced team is here to help. DIY junk removal can be messy and time-consuming, which is why entrusting the task to professionals is the smart choice. Contact us today for a hassle-free solution when you need junk removal in Blaine, MN. 

Junk Removal Blaine MN

UP Guys Junk Removal blaine, MN | Why should you choose us?

Up Guys Junk Removal Blaine, MN gets asked daily about why we’re different than others and why they should put their trust in us. That’s very important to ask and it’s even more important for us to give you some solid reasons to choose UP Guys Junk Removal Blaine, MN. Here are a few of them.

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It’s going to be very simple and easy for you. We keep it much simpler and clearer than you think. We have a proven formula for more than a decade that works superb for both of us. 

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Then comes the moment when we'll remove those unwanted items that have cluttered your space. And don't worry about disposal and property cleanup, we'll take care of everything.

Whether it’s grills, old furniture, hot tub, boat, waste or debris, appliances, or electronic machines, we’re here to take care of it all. Get your free quote now or request a callback, and let us handle the grind for you.

Residential Junk removal in Blaine, MN

Residential Junk Removal

You're finally clearing out that garage or basement, and clearing out the old furniture, appliances, or just about anything else you no longer need. Sounds like a weight off your shoulders, doesn't it? At Up Guys Junk Removal, we're all about making your life easier. Whether it's that old grill gathering rust in the backyard, a heap of debris from your latest DIY project, or those outdated appliances taking up space, we're here to help you.

Commercial Junk removal

Okay, We understand that keeping your commercial space clutter-free is super important for maintaining a professional and inviting atmosphere for your customers or even employees. That's where you can take advantage of our commercial junk removal services in Blaine, Minnisota. Whether you're in the Northtown Mall area or around Main Street, we've got you covered. From offices and retail stores to restaurants and warehouses we do it all.

Junk load up and cleanup, disposal in blaine mn, minnisota

Cleanup and disposal

After getting the job done, we can clean up the space, remove the waste and debris left behind. On top of it, we noticed some of our our customers were worries about disposal and we alwasy guarentee the safe and professional disposal. We take care of our enviornment as you do.

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